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25.03.2024 - Tigo Energy adds GO EV Charger to its product range

Now available from our partner Tigo Energy is the GO EV Charger, a EV charger that works seamlessly with the Tigo EI Residential Solution and offers an integrated EV infrastructure for homeowners.

In combination with the TS4 Flex MLPE (optimisation at module level), you can achieve greater energy independence – from solar production to self-consumption, including intelligent monitoring.

System diagram Tigo MLPE, EI Residential Solution and GO EV Charger

The GO EV Charger is available as a single-phase or three-phase model with up to 22 kW. The three-phase version is already available from stock. If you are interested in the single-phase device, please contact our sales team.

With various charging modes, current limits and scheduling options, the device offers a high degree of flexibility for different customer requirements. In addition to the integrated RFID technology for identifying authorised users, the GO EV Charger can be managed remotely via the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) app. Installation and operation are particularly easy.

The Tigo Energy Intelligence platform also offers powerful commissioning, monitoring and fleet management functions for installers.

What else can the GO EV Charger do? – More features and benefits at a glance

  • Various charging modes (status visible via coloured LED display):
    • Boost mode (blue): Charging the electric car from a mix of PV power and grid power
    • Green mode (green): Free charging with solar power from your own PV system
  • Flexible charging scheduling with adjustable time windows
  • 60-month warranty
  • 1 charging point, type 2 plug with 6.5 m charging cable
  • Protection class IP65 for outdoor and garage installation
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Integrated protective earthed neutral protection (PEN) and current failure monitoring (30 mA AC/6 mA DC)
  • Encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) communication

For further background and technical details, have a look at the product page. In addition, Tigo offers a short online presentation of the EV Charger which is available on demand.

Details on the exact availability, the link to the datasheet for all technical parameters and your purchasing conditions can be found as usual in QuickShop. We look forward to receiving your orders.

Link: Webinar: Run your car on the sun's energy – Introducing Tigo GO EV Charger (on demand)