Yield forecast

A forecast is only as accurate as the data on which it is based. The more accurate your data, the more reliable the result!

Please fill in at least the fields highlighted in orange.

Together with the project data preset to average values, these are required for the determination of the expected system yield and the profitability. All further detailed entries improve the accuracy of the calculations.

In order to arrive at the most realistic estimate possible before making a purchase decision, all assumptions made and preset should be checked and adjusted if necessary. You can do this yourself as far as possible by going back to the start page by clicking on the start button in the header and then comparing all entries piece by piece with the actual data of your project:

The input of your object data, such as the available area, causes an automatic adjustment of the system size and cost estimate as the basis for the following calculations.

If necessary, your specialist planner will be happy to help you with this.

Yield calculator